Through the Lens Darkly

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Well, one year passed. And a bit. But here I am again. It almost certainly won't be a daily blog any more, given that I now have a daughter, but I will try to put up interesting tidbits in a timely manner.

This isn't the Sutro baths, but I liked the shape of it. I had some trouble keeping the background clean, but with a bit of fiddling in Lightroom (1.4.1), I got it to the point where it didn't bother me any more.

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Bulbs at the Schwarzes Café.

thu6dec [ prev | next ]

Bread at the Schwarzes Café.

wed5dec [ prev | next ]

Lamps at the Schwarzes Café.

tue4dec [ prev | next ]

I love the endless opportunities for photos at the Schwarzes Café.

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New Year's Eve at the Wintergarten. Nice evening, fun and light. Mostly older people there, but beggars can't be choosers.

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Old wooden bench.

sat1dec [ prev | next ]

Football with a view, in Mitte.

fri30nov [ prev | next ]

Posts near the U-Bahn station at the Postfuhramt, now C|O Berlin.

I apologise for the lower quality of some recent shots. I have not been shooting as much as usual, and so the pickings are slim. I will get going again soon and fill in December, and starting in January, I will present more project-based work than so far.

thu29nov [ prev | next ]

A typical pepper in my household.

wed28nov [ prev | next ]

Scaffolding. This type of atmosphere will one day be a fond memory.

tue27nov [ prev | next ]

A trench.

mon26nov [ prev | next ]

More wood for construction.

sun25nov [ prev | next ]

Wood for construction.

sat24nov [ prev | next ]

Construction material in Linienstraße.

fri23nov [ prev | next ]

Sunset on plastic window sheets.

thu22nov [ prev | next ]

From a one-day project on construction on Berlin. Berlin has had a lot of construction in the time I have lived here, and I suppose that it has been going on pretty much since re-unification in '89, probably accelerated more recently, because Germany has become quite affluent again. The German people is an industrious people, and I don't suppose that this will ever change. I will long remember Berlin as a place where much construction was taking place, but in fact, one can start to see it converging. On the one hand, it is nice to get rid of all the scaffolding and start to see clean, well-maintained buildings, but on the other hand, this underground, alternative feel that Berlin used to have is starting to disappear. I suppose that the feeling will stay much longer in places like Kreuzberg and perhaps Friedrichshain, but that is not the same as having it in much of the city. Mitte and Prenzlauerberg feel particularly changed, and are becoming real yuppie hotspots. Since I am technically a yuppie myself, I can't complain too much, but I do feel sad.

wed21nov [ prev | next ]

Another detail, this time a cinquecento.

tue20nov [ prev | next ]

Playing with the 90AA. Volkswagen detail.

mon19nov [ prev | next ]

A good friend and colleague. This was taken with my newly traded Leica Apo-Summicron-M 90mm f/2 ASPH., a great lens. I need to get it coded so I can track which shots I make with it, but other than that, it works great.

sun18nov [ prev | next ]

The candles on the tables outside my favorite french fry place.

sat17nov [ prev | next ]

Wingtip from the return trip from Wien.

fri16nov [ prev | next ]

Another butterfly in the Schmetterlinghaus Wien.

thu15nov [ prev | next ]

Bananas in the Schmetterlinghaus Wien.

wed14nov [ prev | next ]

I love the look of water on rock.

tue13nov [ prev | next ]

A butterfly in the aptly named Schmetterlinghaus Wien.

mon12nov [ prev | next ]

Votive candles in the Stefansdom, Wien.

sun11nov [ prev | next ]

A fountain at the entrance of the Kunsthaus Wien.

sat10nov [ prev | next ]

From Kunsthaus Wien, a Hundertwasser building. I love the quirkiness of his work.

fri9nov [ prev | next ]

From the Kunsthalle in Wien. Bones above (femurs?), and coins below. Very effective.

thu8nov [ prev | next ]

A construction site near where I live. I love this somber, mildly threatening atmosphere.

I have been absent for quite a while here, I realise. Work has been stressful, the darkness has me all moody, and I have hit an impasse with my photography. I like what I can do, but I don't find it enough any more. I will strive for more project-based work in the future. For now, I will try to catch up, meaning putting up photos for November and December.

wed7nov [ prev | next ]

A skeleton from a Halloween party thrown by a friend and ex-colleague. Late in the evening, and the skeleton had started scratching off his skull already...

tue6nov [ prev | next ]

Just bokeh. 50 Lux Asph.

mon5nov [ prev | next ]

A second shot from the film production.

sun4nov [ prev | next ]

A shot I took as stills photographer on a film production which I can't yet discuss.

sat3nov [ prev | next ]

Barking tree.

fri2nov [ prev | next ]

A runner in the Müggelberge Park.

thu1nov [ prev | next ]

A co-passenger in the S-Bahn.