Through the Lens Darkly

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A bicyclist on a path in Mitte, another shot I didn't enter in the LFU contest.

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Scaffolding on the Uni downtown. A shot I didn't enter in the LFU contest.

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A small haystack in Hans-Baluschek-Park.

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A hasp on a wooden box in Hans-Baluschek-Park.

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Just another day on the job, Breitscheid Platz.

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Some pumpkin/squash thingies in Ulm.

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A chair in a café in Ulm.

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A doorway in the fortress of Ulm.

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Re-visiting some older shots: Hamburg's Fischmarkt.

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Some kind of mushroom in the Müggelberge. 90mm Macro (for sale: Leica User Forum).

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A stone in the Müggelberge forest/park. I didn't process this one at all, it was perfect as is.

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A headstone in my local cemetary. I wonder what that man was like in life.

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Another shot taken for the Berlin One competition.

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One of the shots I took for the Berlin One competition, but didn't enter.

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Not that great a photo, but it captures the mood perfectly. Nice bright fall day.

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An awning spindle in Sowohl Alsauch.

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Abandoned track. Nature moves fast, and in Hans-Baluschek-Park they are actually tracking the progress of the flora!

sun14oct [ prev | next ]

A trapped tree trying to escape.

sat13oct [ prev | next ]

I don't know if this was hooliganism or forest control, but there were several trees who had had their bark cut off in a circle. I believe that the trees then rot and die, due to the lack of protection which the bark normally affords.

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Piled sleepers ("tie" to Americans).

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Part of an installation in an outdoor gallery in Hans-Beluschek-Park.

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A worn old lid on a container in Hans-Beluschek-Park.

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A piece of industrial art in Hans-Beluschek-Park.

mon8oct [ prev | next ]

Another piece of machinery from the train depot in Hans-Balushek-Park.

sun7oct [ prev | next ]

A lovely old switch in the shut-down train depot in Hans-Baluschek-Park. I love mechanical and electrical details like this, and will go significantly out of my way to photograph them. This one was half-hidden behind a youth art project, but I did manage to sniff it out.

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Wooden floor in the old train depot in Hans-Baluschek-Park.

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A path in the nature preserve part of Hans-Baluschek-Park.

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Rusty divider in the ground.

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Weed in a field in the Hans-Baluschek-Park, near Priesterweg Bahnhof, a tip from a friend. Half of the park is a flat, nothing with concrete and worse use of the space than letting it grow wild, but then there are plants like this. The other half is very interesting, a nature preserve, as well as an artists' area and old train bits and pieces.

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Windows in the Mach-Mit Museum in Prenzlauerberg, a (somewhat expensive) interactive museum for medium-sized kids. This is a converted church, and it makes good use of the vertical space, although this is not visible in this shot.

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A surreal situation from a walk home from Hackescher Markt the other day. I have no idea why the guy in the window appears to be installing a store or a home in a portabox.

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This is from a while back, but I almost missed it. Just caught it today. Sometimes you get lucky. I was actually taking a photo of the sky, believe it or not. I wanted the two in the foreground in the image, but didn't even see the three in the background until I got home. I just kinda pressed the shutter at the right time, feeling instinctively that something was happening.

sat29sep [ prev | next ]

Julius Caesar, with a glance as penetrating in this bust as in real life. This has to be one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen. I took two pictures, and both are stunning. I almost missed it, but a guard pointed it out to me.

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A tiny little, gorgeous statue in the Altes Museum. It really captures something.

thu27sep [ prev | next ]

This was a shot where I just couldn't get Lightroom to give me the right white-balance. I tried and tried, but even at 2000K it had a distinct yellow cast. So I switched to B&W, but here it had little charm. In the end I played with the colour channel saturation sliders, and got a nice grain in it, so I kept it, but Adobe really needs to revisit the range of some of their tuning parameters. Btw, the grain looks nicer in the full-size image. Something about the rescaling doesn't preserve the look.

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This photo was a present. I just walked down the street, saw it, shot it, cropped it and posted it. Some artist had fun here.

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This is a good example of why it is so difficult to take nice shots in most cities. There is so much visual clutter everywhere that you are forced to either make an photo of it, or simply look for simple places in the mess.

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This photo actually belongs to the end-of-August series, but I just realised that I never posted it.

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Playing with B&W. Somehow I got some grain into this photo, although it was taken at ISO 160, the cleanest setting on the M8. I turned most of the colour channels to 0% or 100%, to exaggerate the contrast, and then this noise showed up.

Recently, it seems as if I don't manage to take a photo a day, and don't manage to go through my recent shots any more often than about once a week. I will change that this week, but I do feel the difficulty of keeping it up, mostly due to taking the same route to and from work each day, and not taking any time before or after to look for something interesting. I think that having a proper project would focus me, but I haven't found one yet. I will think about this in the time coming up.

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Rest in peace.

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View from the fortress where we had our dinner at RT07.

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A car, driving...

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Postcard view of the Ulmer Münster, the tallest church in the world.

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Another path...

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One of the paths on the walls of the fortress in Ulm.

sun16sep [ prev | next ]

A stump of a wall, half buried in grass and moss.

sat15sep [ prev | next ]

This was rather a fun group photo at night, on the walls of a fortress outside of Ulm on a small mountain. Given the change in smoking laws in Germany, it is becoming more and more common to see a crowd of smokers gathering outside restaurants and bars, and the feeling of defiance makes these crowds very lively, as if they are somehow successfully beating the system. In my experience, it will dwindle to near-nothing within a few months, but anyway, this was a neat time in near pitch-blackness.

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Dusk at the Ulm University.

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This feisty old woman was outpacing her man by some margin, whether out of one-upmanship or a deeper dispute I will never know.

wed12sep [ prev | next ]

Timeless water, frozen in time...

tue11sep [ prev | next ]

This monument to Sophie Scholl, a brave woman who died in defiance of the nazis in the Second World War, was apparently just erected. A curious man was trying to keep track of me, but I gained the upper hand. I don't know that he will ever know that I got him right at the decisive moment.

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An anonymous piece of wall somewhere in Ulm.

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This aged and crusty rock is part of the city wall of Ulm by the river Donau, in English known as the Danube.

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The first shot in Ulm was this part of the old fortress, which a few years ago managed to hold off Napoleon on his rampage.

fri7sep [ prev | next ]

Sorry for the absence; I was in Ulm in south Germany for a conference, and apparently forgot to warn you. Here is a shot taken in Hackescher Markt Bahnhof just before I left. I was struck by the intense lighting which the Leica did a good job of preserving the feel of, one of the strengths of this camera.

thu6sep [ prev | next ]

For this shot, I simply turned down the saturation of every colour except for blue, and did nothing else. I deliberately did not try to remove all the clutter from around the Fernsehturm. Shot from Hackescher Markt S-Bahn.

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One of the windows in Bellevue trainstation. This dusty old, but renovated, train station has some pretty nice opportunities.

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Another classic "Schwarzes Café" shot. This restaurant/bar/café is just so photogenic. I am not sure that I have more shots taken at any other place on this blog.

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Jana "modifying" a face on one of these ad postcards, with my encouragement. She kept it secret until the end, but still stuck her tongue out.

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This is by far the weirdest cinema ceiling I have ever seen. I actually don't even think there is another contender. I took Jana to see "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", and the only place within reach which had the movie playing at a sensible time was this cinema, a neat old place with weird deco. The cinema was made to look like we were sitting underwater, which it failed at, but it did lend a special, displaced feeling to the room.

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I went to a photo exhibition today, and on the way back, I spotted these steps. The colour and shape were perfectly captured by the 90 Macro. I didn't crop even a single pixel away, something rather unusual these days, with the somewhat loose interpretation of reality which the M8's frames give.

The exhibition I saw was a Cindy Sherman retrospective at the Martin Gropius Bau. I could not say that I am a fan of her work, but I do find it interesting, and was looking forward to it. I found the show slightly disappointing, with a higher proportion of those segments of her work I don't find so great (Masks, Puppets, Sex, War, Clowns) than I had expected, and less of the good stuff (movie scenarios, bus stop, murder story, ...). There were a few really good images, but really, Cindy Sherman is more about the fantasy than the imagery, in a sense, and there is probably nothing I would have bought and hung on my wall.

There was also an exhibition of work by Dirk Reinartz and his students, some of which I found much more to my taste. There was one shot in particular, of a black horse in a street at night, which I would love to have on my wall. Patricia liked it less, finding it too dark, but that was part of what I liked so much about it.